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The Pere Tarrés Foundation University Programme for Seniors

Catalunya (Spain)

The University Programme for Seniors (PUGG) proposed by the Pere Tarrés Foundation at the Ramon Llull University will be complemented by a series of active ageing events throughout the academic year. This programme aims to help society understand the change in paradigm that an increasing senior citizenship represents, as well as providing life-long learning opportunities for the elderly. The programme will also constitute an exchange of experience between generations.

Within the context of the Senior Programme, which is 3 lective years long, a series of visits, conferences, round tables, activities, presentations and other events will be the chance for senior students to build on social relations, cultural opportunities and transfer of experiences. As a commitment to the European Year for Active Ageing and Solidarity between Generations, the winter and spring programme for 2012 included photographic exhibitions and discussions on active ageing and intergenerational relationships, walking and cycling activities for seniors to promote healthy habits, an Intergenerational gymkhana for seniors and children, as well as an exchange trip to Salamanca.

Over the summer and autumn of 2012, European students will be hosted for a week for them to learn about the experience of ageing in Spain, a summer activities camp in Val d'Aran aimed at promoting active ageing and healthy habits will be organised, as well as music therapy activies for seniors. Finally, in December 2012, as the European Year for Active Ageing draws to a close, a video entitled "A Year To Remember" will be presented, covering the year's activities, in the context of a final conference about the media treatment of senior citizens. 
Promotor:Pere Tarrés Foundation 
The Pere Tarrés Foundation was established over 50 years ago and is a non-profit organisation 
that carries out social and educational actions, promotes leisure education, improves social 
intervention and strengthens associations. Over time, it has started to include activities in 
other social action fields such as training, research and management.
Socio(s):AEPUM - State Association of University Programs for Seniors 
Catholic University of Fribourg
IMSERSO - Institute of Ageing and Social Services
Ramon Llull University
Contacto:Xavier Lorente Guerrero

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